LifeVision VR is a, female owned VR company based in Atlanta, GA.

Stephanie Marlo


Stephanie Marlo founded Artist Life Vision VR in 2016. With award-winning 360 short films, multiple AR apps, a diverse reach and strong ambitions she and her team are breaking old barriers daily.

Stephanie has always pursued the life that is entrepreneurship so stepping into this realm of extended realities only made sense as it is the next form of communications, learning, and entertainment for us all. No one person is responsible for building a business. It takes a strong team and she demands the best to keep up with this demanding, ever-changing industry. 


Tavio Castrillo

Virtual & Augmented Reality Lead Development -

3D Body Scanning

Tavio is an innovation specialist, partner and co-founder at MR3D, an Atlanta based, 3D full-body scanning company. A professional designer, artist, and mixed reality developer, he has a passion for emerging technology, gaming, tinkering and integrating these platforms to create new, exciting media interactions. A SCAD alumni, with a BFA of Computer Arts and 2D animation, he has worked providing creative services for various video game developers and publishers. He is the lead ar creative and developer for Life Vision VR's augmented racing game "Road Rage".

Reilly Holbel

Virtual & Augmented Reality Development

Security analyst, backend developer, technical writer, and VR enthusiast, Reilly is particularly fascinated by the social implications of Virtual and Augmented Reality, and how these technologies will change the way people interact online. When he's not developing for LifeVisionVR or playing with the security of various embedded devices, Reilly enjoys snobbing about coffee and engaging with local theatre groups.

Ali Howard

3D Modeling

Ali Howard is a professional freelance multimedia artist. Comic books and cartoons have filled his mind with visual stimulation for as long as he can remember. 

He specializes in 3D animation, 3D modeling, and motion capture. In the film industry, he has had the rare opportunity to work with world renowned director James Gunn (Guardians of The Galaxy) and second unit/stunt director Guy Norris (Mad Max Fury Road).

Mr. Howard is also part of the EXhale XR team in Atlanta Georgia. He creates VR and AR content for PC and Mobile platforms. He is also participates in projects with the faculty and staff of Georgia State's Creative Media Industries Institute.

Ali continues to make art happily, knowing that his childhood dreams have come to fruition.

Cerone Bussey

3D Modeling

Jeffrey Allen

Virtual & Augmented Reality Development - 3D Modeling

Matthew Dryer

3D Modeling

Bios and photos coming soon

360 Video Production

Gregory Rossomme

VR Video Director - Production

Eddie Turner

Video Production - Event Operations

Independent filmmaker Gregory Rossomme is a local to Atlanta, Georgia, and has been working with film for the past 10 years. He has directed, shot, edited and collaborated on shorts, documentaries, music videos, commercials and educational films. When he is not creating film, Gregory runs the Mammal Gallery in downtown Atlanta where he strives to maintain a creative environment where art can happen.

He says that story telling is everything, but it is nothing without an audience.

Eddie, known better as "GATSBY" is a creative muralist who transitions his artistic abilities from paint to visual movement. Gatsby is a local Atlanta artist who's street art and 360 video productions can be seen globally. A strong team member of Artist Life Vision, Gatsby is responsible for Treasure Hunt Tuesday, a local free art movement which combines the creativity of a treasure hunt with community engagement and LifeVision VR's 1st augmented fashion prints.  

Creative Consultants

Cody Vondell

Digital Design - Soundscapes 

Cody is a Virginia born multi-media designer with a Bachelor of Science in graphic design and an Associates Degree in game design. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia Cody has worked with clients such as The Weather Channel, Lamplit Productions and more. Over the past decade, Cody has built an eclectic portfolio working on a variety of projects dealing with both visual and audio aspects. With a strong sense of design and a unique feel for the project at hand, he provides an interesting view into the creative digital world of design. 

Haley Skye

Digital Design - Soundscapes 

Haley Skye is an artist and designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Since graduating the University of North Florida with a Graphic Design and Digital Media degree, Haley has worked with a wide variety of businesses, brands, and individuals. Haley was born in Florida but her family resides in South Africa and Germany. Most recently, Haley has moved to Atlanta. This international cultural influence has made a large impact on Haley's love to travel and discover more about the world. Inspired by the planet and exploration, she has developed skills across many mediums and forms of design. In a digital world, Haley stands out as an all-around creative spark

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