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Sky Creature Presents TRANSMIGRATION

Sunday November 11th 7:30-9:30 @ The Spindle Cafe

TRANSMIGRATION - an event, the first of it's kind, as we announce our upcoming immersive, site-specific experience and invite you to explore it through all five senses, live performances featuring Josh Brook and Andrew David Harrison, and Virtual Reality immersion.

**Cash Bar - Specialty drinks curated by Julep CBD -

" A vision of one will become the feelings and enhancements of many as this project progresses forward. Working alongside Sky Creature we are creating an immersion of the mind, body soul and multi dimensions now allowed through virtual and augmented developments. Combining astonishing ways to fuse these mediums, new and old, is our group passion. Collectively working with a skilled team of producers, actors, developers and set crew we are bringing Atlanta a new way to feel and experience not only film but theater too."

We're excited to be working with Sky Creature Productions on their newest creation: Rua

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