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Life Vision VR is at it again with the release of another innovative, affordable, mobile VR app

Exhale XR | VR Wellness app releases March 1st 2021

Feb/17/2021 Atlanta, GA Life Vision VR | Regardless of your experience level with virtual reality, pretty much everyone is aware of its increasing practical uses within all aspects of life. With that in mind, Life Vision VR set out to develop an easy to use app for new and senior VR users to enjoy with its release of Exhale XR, a mobile VR Wellness app for smartphones.

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With the increasing amount of useful daily applications that VR offers to the public, founder of Life Vision VR, Stephanie Marlo, set out to create an app intended to help others take more control over the state of their mental health. The world is an anxious place, and it’s important that individuals have more control over their ability to achieve a state of calm and wellness. VR offers a unique, affordable avenue to explore immersive 360° environments for self-reflection, relaxation, guided meditations, or even just a simple getaway. Best known for the Desdemona’s Dream AR Book mobile app, Life Vision VR has broken new ground in 2021 with the Exhale XR | VR Wellness mobile app release.

Available now on iOS and Android app stores.

“I find self reflection and relaxation to be a must have in the urban survivalists tool-kit .” founder - Stephanie Marlo

Having released numerous VR-AR apps and experiences with our parent company Life Vision VR, we now hold a list of awards and accomplishments for 360° short films and public speaking roles. On top of those accomplishments, we have gained an increasing amount of positive media coverage, much like this article on our last AR app release from Julian Vigo at

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