Educate - Design - Create

Artist Life Vision workshops are designed to spawn your creativity. Branching your love of life to your curiosity towards extended realities. Our intimate styled workshops are designed with a limit of 10 participants to create a truly immersive and creative space to design and learn.

Please join us as we bounce through and around the worlds which make up our mixed reality.

  • VR Traveling for Kids and Teens
    Oh the places we will go! And without even leaving the comfort of our virtual reality headsets. This is a 5 part workshop. This summer take the kids on a weekly adventure to destinations untraveled. Learn about far away land and cultures.
  • Explore The Future: VR & AR
    In this 3 part workshop you will find the mesmerizing worlds that await your attention. Virtual and Augmented realities are on the rise not only for industries like marketing and training but also for our daily uses as humans. This tech will quickly assist us to a more efficient place of living.
  • Explore The Future: 360 Film making
    Explore the future of Film making and mixed realities like you have only dreamed of! Come with us on this 4 course workshop journey towards identifying the best equipment and software along with how to utilize these new mediums to better our world of entertainment and learning.
  • Introduction to VR for Teens
    We welcome teens, and a parent, from around Atlanta to join us for this wonderful inspiration towards a future of learning, traveling, creation and beyond.
  • Introduction to VR for Kids
    We welcome children, and a parent, from around Atlanta to join us for this wonderful inspiration towards a future of learning, traveling, creation and beyond.
  • Tip & Tilt in Virtual Reality
    Come with us on a Tilt Brush journey to explore a world of imagination where you are able to paint, design and create in a relaxing 3D space. A space all of your own with endless possibilities. Now throw in a few friends, a bit of vino and indulge in your rarely seen artist within!

What Happens Outside of The Square?

With this new 3D world of mixed realities we, the Team at Artist Life Vision VR are here to help you merge successfully into this growing new way of learning, teaching, gaming and emerging. 


Our intimate workshops are intended to give you the opportunity for feeling out these growing technologies.

See the uses for VR, AR, & 360 video! Then allow us to help you recognize how your ideas and newly spawned passions could best play out in this growing industry.


The Artist Life Vision team and workshop guest teachers are here to show you what is happening outside and inside the square. 

Mixed Reality is for All Ages

This new era of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and beyond is merging with our daily life's. The technology is being used to create epic and indescribable immersions. From basic utilities all of the way to gaming! This tech is here to stay.

What do we mean when we say mixed reality is for all ages? How could a gaming device achieve such a far stretch goal? 


For starters, mixed reality is used for many immersive forms of entertainment. Only one of those forms of use is gaming. The other forms of use reach from assisting elderly patients to explore and adventure to places they never believed all the way to helping a trainee to better understand their positioning when on the job.


The combined efforts of creatives and technology have finally hit a point in life where our dreams, needs, communications and ways of learning are best done when intertwined with this acquired ability to be anywhere while staying just where you are.


Come learn with us how to best implement this technology with your wants for life!     

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